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External Grants & Scholarships

If you are aware of any organizations or foundations that are providing scholarships and grants to children and families on the spectrum that are not listed, please contact us.  We will add then to our resource list for the benefit of those in need.


Equine Therapy and Camps


Holistic Horse. Equine Scholarships of @50- $500 per family



Therapy Grants


Act Today. Grants up to $5,000 for families with income less than $100,000 to be used for either therapy, medications or safety devices.  There are quarterly deadlines.


Booming with Autism. Up to $2,000 for Therapies. Income cap of $60,000.


Bright Steps Forward. Grants for children with neurological or developmental disorders in the Miami-Dae, Broward and Palm Beach Counties o Florida.


Challenged America. Maximum $500 grants for rehabilitative therapy, assistive devices, medical equipment and sensory items.


Ezra B Smith Foundation. Provides financial assistance for therapies and education of autistic children in middle income families that live in the state of Utah.



Medical, Equipment Products and Devises


First Hand Foundation. Grants up to $1,000. Expenses for treatments, assistive technology equipment and vehicle modifications.




Itaalk Autism Foundation. educates on the beneficial uses of interactive technology for children with special needs and provide grants for IPads.

Contact: 567-377-5710


Small steps in Speech. Currently award grants for speech therapy and related products for families of children with Apraxia.

Contact: 888-577-3256.



Debt Reduction and Critical Living Expenses


Aid for Autistic Children Foundation, Inc.  To reduce the financial burden of poverty stricken and disenfranchised families and caretakers coping with autism, through debt forgiveness.


Pervis Jackson Foundation. For families in need.  The Grants can be used for camp sessions, Parental respite, Cleaning help, cooking help, Spa Day, urgent bills, and other parent needs.

Contact:  313-933-7151



General Non-Specific Use


Anchor of Hope Foundation. Christian Organization providing financial and spiritual hope to families with developmental disabilities.  $250 per family.


Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation. Provides financial scholarships for Equine, swimming and summer camp  and I pads and Holiday gift cards for families on the spectrum who are in distress. A great organization with a proven track record.

Contact: 877-806-0635.


Giving Angels Foundation Grants for low income families for therapies, equipment, essential family bills and specialized camps.

Hanna& Friends. Grants geared towards families of low income up to $1,000.

Contact: 574-217-7860


Different Needs Foundation. Grants for diversified medical equipment, therapies, IPads.  Must apply early as they go very fast.

Contact: 216-904-5151.


Special Kids Therapy. Grants and scholarships for those children and families residing in Ohio.  Scholarships are for equipment, therapies or activities that are not funded by insurance or other agencies.

Contact: 419-422-5607


The Maggie Welby Foundation.  Grants to children and families that have financial need.  This includes bills, athletic opportunities, and medical needs.  Grants are awarded twice a year in the months of July and December.

Contact: 314-330-6947


Canyon Rice Hope Scholarship.  Grants to developmental disabilities not covered by insurance.  Two grants currently available: grants for caregivers(respite) and those for therapeutic items.

Contact: Jenny Rice.





Jacks Place for Autism. Scholarships for the following programs up to $250: recreation sports,, hobbies, crafts, music, art and Dance.  Michigan residents only.

Contact:  248-443-7427


Achievable. Awards for camp scholarships for low income families who have children on the spectrum in Southern California.




Service Dogs



4 Paws For Ability. Non profits whose mission is to place quality service dogs with children with disabilities.

Contact: 937-374-0385.


Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence.  Grants for children and adults for training and placing service dogs.


Paws 4 Autism. Grants for service dogs for those with autism. Primarily for families in the Kansas City region.


Wilderwood Service Dogs. Fundraising for providing and training service dogs for children with autism.



Government Resources & Benefits your path to government benefits. This website provides access to a benefit finder which offers multiple search methods to quickly find state and federal benefits you may be entitled



International Foundations & Socieites

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National Foundations & Societies

Autism Society. Nations largest grassroots autism organization. Work

to increase public awareness about the day-to-day issues about people across the spectrum,

advocate for appropriate services and provide the latest information regarding treatment,

education, research and advocacy.



Phone: 800-328-8476



Behavioral Analyst Certification Board  Non-profit corporation established to

meet the credential of Behavioural Analysts and Registered Behavioural Technicians.



Phone: 720-438-4321



National Autism Association.



Phone: 877-259-9419



Products & Services

General Products Across all Categories  Wide variety of products ranging from toys,

 Clothing and communication products to furniture & Equipment to learning and sensory

products.  ** Highly recommended site **





Harkla. Diverse product lines helping those with Special needs.




Phone: 844-4HARKLA



National Autism Resources. Global leader in providing cost

effective, research based therapeutic tools for OTs, PTs, SLPs, and behavioral therapists. Shop by




Phone: 877-249-2393



Special Needs Toys. Broad range of toy and therapy products encompassing visual, auditory  and tactile to motor skill socialization and independence.  Highly

recommended site.




Phone: 800-467-6222



Physical Therapy


Buddy Bike Therapeutic tandem bicycles for children with physical and

cognitive disabilities who may not be able to ride a bicycle safely on their own or do not have

the strength to pedal or control a bike alone. Provide the thrill and joy of riding while achieving

therapeutic activity.  Insurance and private funding available.




Phone: 786-489-2452


Speech Therapy

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).  One of the premiere

alternative communication systems on the market today.  The PECs teaching protocol is a six

phase behavioural analysis based program that leads its participants to independent functional communication.




Phone: 888-732-7462


TippyTalk.  Allows a person with a verbal disability to communicate by

translating pictures into readable text messages.  Innovative phone Application





Talk Tools. Worldwide source for oral placement, sensory and feeding

therapy supplies.




Phone: 888-529-2879.


Sensory Products

Sensory One. Full range of sensory products for all therapeutic

environments and needs from tactile wall panels to bubble tubes musical sound beams, to interactive light and sound wall and floor panels and sensory rooms to multisensory environments.




Phone: 905-749-1028.



Sensory Jungle. High quality sensory products and toys designed to help children with sensory processing disorders and others special needs. Free shipping







Sensory University.  Full spectrum of educational items and pediatric fitness products geared towards everyday cardiovascular, gross motor, sensory and strength development of al children.




Phone: 888-831-4701




Fun & Function. Full range of sensory products




Phone:  800-231-6329




Medical Alert Foundation.  California based nonprofit charity and membership based organization. 24/7 wandering support service for those affected by autism. Provides an additional layer of protection for the autism community. The ultimate in emergency protection.



Ph:  800-432-5378




Resource Library


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Educational Videos


My Autism and Me Video (14 Minutes)


Intro to Autism for Kids (7 Minutes)


I am the Child (4 minutes)


What Autism Feels Like


The Brain of An Autistic Child



Software Applications

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Therapy Agencies and Services


ABC Land Therapy Services, LLC. Specialized speech, language and occupational evaluation, diagnosis and therapy in the Kissimmee and Orlando area.

Contact: (407) 201- 2912


Behavior Analysis Support Services, Inc. (BASS). ABA Services focused on one-to-one individualized programs serving children from ages 18 moths to 13 years old.  Serving families from Clearwater to St. Augustine, Fl, BASS works tirelessly to ensure that the children it serves reach their potential.

Contact: (877) 823- 4283


Breakthrough Therapy Services, Inc. Cutting edge individualized treatment programs for Pediatric Speech and Occupational services for infants to adults. Accessible to all communities throughout Broward and South Florida.

Contact: (954) 474-8048


Butterfly Effects. One of the largest nationally recognized ABA providers in the country.  Recognizing the family is the greatest assets regarding your child’s behavior, our professional develop specialized collaborative ABA therapies designed to create the optimal natural environment for your child to learn, meet their specific goals and gain meaningful feedback.

Contact: (888) 880-9270


Child & Family Consultants, Inc. CFC is a private pediatric facility offering multi-disciplinary services to children and their families in the Brevard and surrounding counties. CFC’s comprehensive services focuses on occupational, speech and language therapies to help your children gain functional independence in all areas of their lives.

Contact: (321) 768-6800



Coast Music Therapy. Board certified music therapists providing IEP music therapy services in the San Diego county area.

Contact: (858)831-0387.



Focus. Full service pediatric therapy clinic in Fort Meyers, Fl offering customized speech therapy, OT/ occupational therapy, physical therapy and ABA/ behavioral therapy. We serve children with a wide range of developmental delays and disabilities.  Provide free screenings as well as comprehensive evaluations.

Contact: (230) 313- 5049



Kendall Behavior Therapy. Miami based Behavioral Analysts offering individualized Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services for children through adults whose diagnosis include Autism, ADHD, learning disorders and other conditions that affect development and behavioral functioning. Treatment provided at home, in school or community settings.

Contact: (786) 701-8164


Lotus Behavioral Interventions. Autism specialists providing individualized tailored ABA therapy programs geared towards helping your child meet their developmental milestones. Offer a wide range of skill acquisition and behavior reduction programs to suite your child’s specific needs.  Most insurances accepted.

Contact: (305) 330-4660


My Favorite Therapists.   Offers diagnosis and treatment options in an all inclusive cutting edge Deerfield Beach, Fl autism facility where children from ages 1 to 18 get all the therapies they need require from highly skilled therapists, utilizing state of the art equipment and toys in a fun collaborative environment. Therapies include: Speech therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, Applied behavioral analysis (ABA), physical therapy and art therapy.

Contact: (754) 44403707


Monarch Behavioral Analysis, LLC. Autism specialists serving children from ages 0 to 21 years old with autism diagnosis. Utilizing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) we treat the spectrum of behavioral disorders from physical aggression and self-injury to socialization and living skills. Have multiple locations and programs that provide both in-house and at home therapy. Various insurances accepted.

Contact: (561) 372-2651


Orlando Speech Therapy. Board certified speech Pathologists specializing in the treatment of pediatric speech-language disorders with children from birth to 18 years of age in the Orlando, Fl area. Working one-on-one with families in their homes, schools or daycare centers they employ a family centric model which equips the parents with specific strategies designed for them to work at home with their children between sessions.

Contact: (407) 906- 7733


Prestige Behavioral Group. An agency dedicated to providing state of the art at-home life changing behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy to those children with autism and developmental disabilities. Accept all major insurances.

Contact: (786) 703-6218


Wholesome Harmonies, LLC. Board certified music therapists who provide high quality music therapy services to children with autism and other special needs around the Miami, Fl area.  Offering individual and group music therapy on guitar, ukulele, voice and drums

Contact: (305) 349-3680







Professional Crises Management Association (PCMA). Leading Florida based crises management and behavior analysis hands-on training, certification and credentialing across the US and abroad. Certifies individuals and instructors in transportation, vertical immobilization, personal safety techniques and prone immobilization procedures and general crises management and behavioral tools used in managing life’s various behavioral situations.

Contact: (954) 746-0165