Mission Statement

We Care

Organizational Goals

Be one's primary on-line information resource for those struggling with autism. Provide the “We Care” program members with discounted services and products; and award financial assistance, grants, summer camps, scholarships, and products to struggling applicants.

Our Organization's initiative & growth are supported through the generous donations of our supporters, government and other corporate grants, organizational partnerships and the proceeds from the “We Care” program.

Create and Increase the understanding of acceptance of individuals with Autism spectrum disorder and the available services and interventions available to them.

Autism Struggles

Families with typical children don't truly understand what families with children on the spectrum go through on a daily basis. Aside from the financial hardships and daily struggles, there is an emotional component that rips at the hearts of autistic parents that parents of typical children take for granted and I hope never to have to face. I can’t begin to describe what it’s like or how it feels to stop at a traffic light, in front of a school zone, during pick-up time and see your wife tear as she watches other parents walking hand in-hand with their children discussing what they did that day smiling and laughing together. Deep down knowing that your child will never be going to a typical school, or possible ever be able to even ride a bicycle or say the words mom or I love you. Most families with children on the autistic spectrum live day-to-day, fighting and struggling to make little differences and changes in the lives of their children and hold their families together.

If you believe for one moment that a family with a child on the spectrum earning $100,000 is financially secure, forget about it. Chances are they are borderline broke, struggling to keep their heads above water and not lose their homes.

We need your help. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because you really care.

This is what Friends of Families with Autism is truly about.